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What We Offer

Trading Indicators


We offer trading indicators that are designed to be complete trade management solution. Most technical indicators in the market focus on the entry. It is left to the trader to find appropriate trade management techniques. We offer tools that are designed to be complete system (yet allows discretion) so the trader is not left wondering how to manage the trade after entry. 

These tools are for use in Stocks, ETF, Futures and Forex markets

Tools are available for Tradingview 


*Coming soon

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For those who have busy full-time professions outside of their trading and investing, we offer educational trade ideas.


Currently the ideas offered are well-suited for active swing and position traders in US markets trading stocks, Exchange Traded Funds and Options

Ideas are offered via our Discord Server. All ideas offered are tracked and track record published on the website




*Coming Soon

Trading Course


We offer courses that teach proprietary techniques combining technical analysis and quantitative analysis of derivatives ( futures and options) market.


Each course comes with set of Tradingview tools to implement the system.

The courses are designed to help intermediate to advanced traders find an edge in today's markets.





*Coming Soon


Ray of RayonMarkets

My name is Ray.  I am a full-time trader in US equities, options and futures. I have had a long career in banking and financial services in Europe, Middle East and India. I have worked extensively in Money Markets, Fixed Income, Commercial Credit , Commodity Trading & OTC Derivatives.  I started trading actively in 2013 and turned a full-time trader in 2019.

Internet is full of  resources on trading and investing. But not everything is suitable, helpful or even feasible for an individual trader or active investor to use effectively. Most people have jobs, families and can only spend a finite amount of time on trading and investing.

My objective for starting RayonMarkets is to specifically help those active investors and traders who want to actively participate in the markets to secure a better financial future for themselves and their families but can only spend a finite amount of time on trading and investing.

Everything offered on this website are actionable and will help traders and investor to maximize return on time they spend on trading & investing. 

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